Pivot is a new sales tool changing the direction of property marketing

Create Stunning Tours of Properties That Don't Even Exist Yet

Pivot transforms your development scheme into a virtual reality experience that gives potential buyers the feeling of actually being there. Customers no longer have to make decisions based on simply imagining what a space will look like when a project is completed. Instead they can use a state-of-the-art headset to explore 360-degree digital renders of the property in a completely immersive experience that until now just hasn't been possible.

A Complete Service: from Renders to Reality

How it works


Totally bespoke for your development

Pivot is incredibly flexible and can visualise anything, from individual residential properties to large commercial projects. Whether it's interior or exterior views, if you can design it, Pivot can show it. The service can be custom-branded too.

Ideal for marketing suites or individual customers

You can choose how the service is distributed. The app can be made available from Appleā€™s App Store or Google Play so everybody is free to download it. Or you can restrict access by only making it available to your marketing suites.

Controlled by a turn of the head

Pivot feels so realistic because you just move your head to look around a property. Totally hands-free with no buttons to press, it really feels like the future. Just look towards a door and the headset will take you through to the next room.

A choice of headset

Pivot works on all smartphones and you can pick the headset to suit you:

1. The Carl Zeiss VR One: A premium VR experience, designed specifically for your sales environment.

2. Flat-packed mailable headset: This is lightweight and foldable so you can send it through the post. Perfect for posting to overseas investors or a local marketing.